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Potential Roof Problems


With any roof – no matter what type – if you have a leak, then you have a problem


Age is one of the most obvious factors that affects a roofs lifespan. yet it is one that many homeowners often overlook. Every roof has an expected lifespan, which will vary depending on the factors such as weather conditions and materials used. If your roof is starting to look a little old and tired, it may be time for an upgrade.

Lack of Maintenance

Every roof will require some maintenance from time to time – especially after bad weather. For examples, roof tiles can slip and ridge tiles may need repointing. You should always use an experienced roofing contractor in order to ensure the work is completed to a professional standard.

Poor Ventilation or Insulation

If your roof space is badly ventilated, it could lead to complications. Poor ventilation can cause a build-up of heat and moisture which is trapped with nowhere to go. In turn, this can weaken the roof structure or cause damage to the roof surface.

Failed Flashing

Flashing acts as a seal between the joints of the roof, helping to keep water out and preventing leaks. If your flashing has deteriorated, or has been installed incorrectly, water can enter your roof and potentially cause damage over time.

Poor Installation

Faulty workmanship massively increases the likelihood of problems and reduces a roofs life expectancy. This tends to be one of the more common reasons for problems that crop up at some point in the life of the roof.

Professional Roofing Contractors

Chris Mcleod Bespoke Roofing Services are a successful, family-run business. We. We guarantee a quality service to suit your budget. We have undergone rigorous training in order to repair and replace roofs and ensure high quality, reliable, and safe working practices. We care about customer satisfaction and aim to deliver the highest standard of workmanship every time.

With over 20 years of experience in the business, we can tackle any job, large or small. All quotes, advice and checks are completely free, so we invite you to take advantage of your FREE QUOTE or just our free expert advice, call us today on 07710 940 300



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