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Conservation Leadwork Specialist

Specialist Conservation Leadwork Services-Chris Mcleod bespoke Roofing

Lead Roof Work

Lead is a soft, flexible and extremely robust metal and can last up to 500 years. It is is 100% recyclable, making it one of the most environmentally friendly construction materials in use today. It is ideal for exterior use in construction and is used in roofing in from flashing to flat roofs, valleys, gutters, hoppers and downspouts.

When was lead first used for roof work?

Experts think that lead was mined as early as 6500 BC. It was certainly used in Roman aqueducts between 500 BC and 300 AD. British Churches and other historical buildings have used lead for their roofs for hundreds of years and they have been successfully protected from the elements due to the amazing properties of this natural metal.

The purpose of leadwork

The main purpose Roofing leadwork is to stop rainwater from entering junctions between roof elements and to channel water off a building. Lead roofs are extremely attractive. Many historical buildings have turrets and parapet roofs lined with lead, and the ancient tarnishing can range from dark through to light grey.

When should a roof inspection be made?

Roofing leadwork should be checked regularly including at least once in the autumn. This gives you the best chance of spotting problems before the bad weather sets in.


Initial Roof Survey with Chris Mcleod Bespoke Roofing

When we visit your property, we will be primarily looking for any signs of the following in the leadwork-

Lichen, moss and algae surface growths

Missing or loose clips and other fixings

Surface ripples and buckling

Cuts, rips, tears or cracking

Staining or small holes

Puncture damage




For a detailed inspection we can provide a Drone Surveys with DVD for your records.

Evidence shows that lead can perform satisfactorily for more than 100 years. With proper maintenance and repairs, your roofing leadwork can effectively and reliably help to keep your roof weatherproof and watertight. If you think your roof and the leadwork is due a survey contact Chris Mcleod Bespoke Roofing for a FREE no obligation quote, you call us on 07710 940 300 or email

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